Bangladesh – Flood Disaster

Bangladesh - Coming up for Air

More flooding predicted

Bangladesh floods 3Huge floods – the worst in 20 years – from upstream in India inundated Bangladesh last month, leaving much of the country still under water. Thirty-eight Bangladeshi districts have been affected by the flood waters with many people displaced from their homes and out of adequate supplies of food and clean water. Children take their usual routes home from school knee deep in water and boats are needed to navigate through local bazaars. A recent report says 250,000 houses are damaged and some 200 people dead, predominantly children. The worrying thing is that more flooding is predicted this month.

Floods complicate life…

Bangladesh floods 2Crops, as well as housing, have been wiped out in many places causing a shortage of food. Schools and churchesBangladesh floods 1 have also been affected: chairs, benches, wells, and kitchens wrecked or needing repair. The families of children who attend our School are included in the devastation so we are hoping to draw upon some of the Government and NGO emergency relief efforts to significantly reduce the $12,690.00 emergency relief as shown below.

Relief Request for Bangladesh


This is an appeal to all who can help us to aid these poor people through this tough time, and so help return life to normality once again. Donate by clicking on the button below.


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