The Blind and Real Emotions


HOT – Blind testing

Since Hope of Tomorrow (HOT) began in China, many people have died – which is quite normal. However in our small HOT community even more so: some suddenly. within a few days, and others after a long fight with illnesses. Now there seems to be more types of illnesses so it’s really important that my wife and I seek to encourage these sick people.

Susceptibility of the Blind

For a blind person at HOT it’s not uncommon for someone to break a leg when hit by a car, or by falling into an open manhole on the road. Roads and buildings often don’t have railing facilities so they fall and are injured.  Due to their inability to exercise properly, diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular problems affect both their strength and their bone structure. Almost without exception many blind people suffer physical illnesses.

Prevention is Difficult

Although the old adage “Prevention is better than cure” is true, the special physical and social disabilities of the blind, together with economic obstacles, make prevention almost impossible. When an illness attacks they are unable to resist due to the economic constraints that prohibit adequate exercise and medical treatment and often lead to death or long-term physical pain.

Income Issues

Recently we read a statistic that high-income earners live 6.6 years longer than low earners, perhaps because the former are able to invest in their health while the latter aren’t. And, the low-income people have a high incidence of alcoholic liver disease and lung disease caused by alcohol, tobacco. Fast foods also contribute to their poor health.

Strains and Stresses

We have experienced “stress” working with the blind and their sicknesses, and “peace” with the rich and theirs.  The why is bound up with the fact that we were burdened to help the poor, sick and blind, while we didn’t need to be concerned about the rich. Understand?  

To help the blind recover and come to a good place of self-acceptance my wife and I have studied and  been trained. But we need to care for ourselves in these constant emotional encounters and struggles or we will come off the worse which will be bad for them too. But economic restraints have made it difficult for us to help them as we would like.

Can you help?

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