Avian Park to Riverview

Worcester - the teamOn Sunday Raymond and eight other young men led an outreach to the next suburb, Riverview. It’s at present the centre of drug production and sale, and gang fights in Worcester. These 9 precious young men were all addicts and gangsters from opposing gangs, who have been transformed by the Good News. Now they have a passion for seeing others healed and released from gang and drug power. Many mothers asked for prayer for their children who are addicts.

Can the Body Cope?

In December I completed the Micro-Business Setup School with a huge assignment, a 36 page detailed business plan, which I had to complete and hand in on 18th January. This study programme on top of being a single parent, and trying to oversee my team in Avian Park, left me completely exhausted. I was under medical orders to drop everything for the holidays and take a complete rest.

I am now back into ministry, but aware that I must draw boundaries. In April/May I will be joining the next Micro-Business Startup School to be trained to teach the course. This will be a tremendous benefit in Avian Park, with its high unemployment rate.

Creating Good Habits in Children

We have started using a children’s version of the “Seven Habits of Highly Effective People”, linked together with appropriate Bible verses. The children have been talking, writing and drawing pictures of how they are responsible at home, in school and in their community. We’ve discussed planning ahead, so they can fulfil the plan for their lives. We’ve started incorporating homework into our classes, to help them achieve higher results.

Keeping Donations Safe

Many thanks to those who have contributed to the funds HADA is raising in Australia for our building project. Donations are tax deductible, and monthly donations are very welcome. We are almost half-way to the amount we need to build our security fence, vital before we put up a building so our materials don’t disappear overnight! Once the fence is built, we will be able to establish an attractive garden with fruit trees, using both our teenagers and addicts who are showing their commitment to change before entering rehab.  To donate click on one of the donation icons below.