100 1st college block complete

First block of Hope Christian School Complete

In Uganda 100%hOPE continues to stretch itself as it seeks to maintain and expand its three projects: 100%Homes, 100%Educate and 100%Medical.

Hope Christian School

Great progress has been made of the construction of the Hope Christian School buildings, with five new classrooms ready on the second floor, and a new staff room. One class has been moved “up” and furniture for this year’s classes should be arriving mid-January, which is about now. This means our students will be able to continue on with their education to Primary level.

The Present and Future Hope

100 Kinder cubs classroom

Education starts with the Kindies

While the children are on end-of-year holidays they haven’t been “twiddling their thumbs,” particularly the teen-agers who are currently enjoying learning new agricultural skills. Our hope for the near future is that we will be able to build a soccer field and netball court for their physical welfare .

As some funds we left over for “educational purposes” after the construction of the school our Australian Committee authorized us to purchase 1.8 acres of land adjacent to where the boy’s homes are. This land will be reserved for a new secondary school and vocational training centre. It was a good time to buy as land prices are appreciating rapidly in our area due to the development we are doing at Hope Village.

Volunteer Teachers to Spread the Benefits

100 Kinder cubs classroom 2

It all starts with the “Littlies.”

Currently 104 children (ages ranging from 2 – 22yrs) are registered in our Future Hope Program. Then we have 51 students at Hope Christian College who, together with their families, are benefiting. Greater benefits would be available if we could manage to get some teachers from Australia to come to Uganda to help train our teachers further.

We are encouraged and our Hope is rock-solid as we move forward working with the children, their families, community members, the Government and the police to ensure that the the ones needing most help are getting it. You support is fundamental to the expansion of 100%hOPE’s projects in Uganda.  Just use the EziDebit donate button below.