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Encouraging development, Inspiring hope.

Why donate with HADA?

All funds received for projects, less bank charges only, are sent to the project managers, and all donations for listed projects are Tax Deductible to Australian donors. Choose where you would like to donate with one of the buttons below.

Some of our projects

Hada’s worldwide projects have one major objective – to “Encourage Development and Inspire Hope.”

Mongolia – Elio Day Care Centre

Cambodia – Family Sponsorship Programme

Mongolia – Mobile Drop-in Centre

Kazakhstan – Valuology Teaching

Medical Training in Asia

Bangladesh – Construction of Educational Buildings

Bangladesh – Orphanage Self-sufficiency

China – Hope of Tomorrow

P4K Orphanages in PNG – Haus Pikinini

ACN – Nepal Health Promotion

Cambodia – Bridge of Hope to Street Children

Afghanistan – Ophthalmic Technicians Training

Current disaster relief projects